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Making sure your home is ready for the holidays isn’t just about buying new linens, putting out guest towels and festooning your home with decorations. Now is the time to insure that there are absolutely no critical home issues such as moldy smells in the guest room and drafty leaks in the windows.

Having family over can be stressful if your house or apartment isn’t pristine and company ready. If the basement bedroom smells like a dank and dark dungeon, or the dining room wallpaper is peeling off, you have some repairs to do asap.

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and it is only a few weeks until New Year’s Day. Now is the time to get things ready by repairing and repainting so you can be confident your place is looking its best when prying eyes arrive.

Read our 3 holiday maintenance tips to get the most bang for your buck in the shortest amount of time.

1. Touch up your paint – Get rid of those dirty smudge marks and fingerprints by cleaning your walls and touching up scuffs on the trim. If there are big messes you may need to add a coat of paint to make the walls look clean and seamless.

2. Repair wallpaper – Nothing looks as sad as raggedy wall-covering. Have the seams and the bits that have come undone glued down again. Complete removal of the wall covering and installing new wall paper or paint can be a time consuming and costly endeavor (although the long term results are better).

3. Get rid of smells – Most household smells that are not caused by cooking, pets or people are caused by dampness and leaks. A leaky roof or foundation will make your rooms musty and moldy. Have moist areas checked for rotting wood and repaired. Remove stinky carpeting. Apply ShockWave mold cleaner where needed in attics and basements.

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