Sheet Rock Repair & Installation


iPaint and Contract, Inc. | Glen Cove, New York

[dropcaps]W[/dropcaps]ater damage and age can cause problems with a home’s drywall. iPaint can help repair that damage prior to your interior painting. Repairing the dents and holes in your walls will bring a finished look to your home and helps the paint last longer and look better.

Sheetrock Intallation
Hiring the professionals at iPaint and Contract, Inc. will help you avoid the common mistakes people make when tackling their drywall projects. Our Sheetrock services include taping, floating, texturing, and painting patchworks. Whether you are building the home of your dreams or doing that much needed remodeling project or even the most basic patches and repairs, iPaint and Contract, Inc. guarantees you nothing short of quality and professionalism from beginning to end.

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