Garage or Basement Floors


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[dropcaps]P[/dropcaps]ainting your garage floor or basement floor with epoxy paint will help keep it from being stained and from deterioration, and give your garage or basement floor a tough finish for a showroom look. If you want something even more durable than paint or have an uneven surface you can try installing a modular floor.

Garage and basement floors often take a great deal of damage and abuse. Concrete can become stained by motor oil, water or other liquids that have leaked onto the floor. These floors are frequently littered with dirt and grass from cars, lawnmowers and other machinery or tools. This can lead to chipping and peeling of the floors.

Exiting new technology has been developed over the years in concrete sealers, including garage floor and basement floor paint. If concrete floors are cleaned and properly prepared you can ensure that the new paint will adhere. The end result will be a shiny new garage or basement floor that looks great and stays that way through years of use.

Floors can be coated in different types of material. Epoxy is widely considered to be the superior choice for a garage as it is weather resistant. Epoxy stands up well to any type of moisture, including rain and snow. Epoxy paint is made up of two different liquids, a pigment and a catalyzing liquid, commonly referred to as a hardener. When the two liquids are combined they dry into a nice solid.

Another option for floors in covering in RaceDeck.RaceDeck flooring is a free-floating surface you can use virtually anywhere in your home. Whether you rent or own, you can change the look and feel of any room with RaceDeck. RaceDeck Floors are modular and are installed floors, great for garages, basements, porches, patios, and more. Installing RaceDeck requires no glues or chemicals, messes and toxic fumes, each module simply ‘Snaps’ into place!

Either option will allow you to take that dirty old garage or basement floor to a new level or design. Call iPaint and Contract, Inc. today for a free estimate.

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