Window and Door Refinishing


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[dropcaps]S[/dropcaps]tained wooden windows are stylish, but they also take a lot of abuse from constant sun exposure, moisture, wind and rain damage. Over time, the wood may fade, yellow, discolor, or become chipped. The original finish can even completely wear away. Protect your windows and doors with iPaint and Contract, Inc. professional window and door refinishing service.

Painted windows offer a bit more protection but heat and moisture can cause them to stain, peel, chip and fade away. They have direct water exposure from the outside and sometimes condensation forms on the inside. At some point the original sash, the wood that holds the window in place, may become discolored or water damaged and the wood may need to be replaced. Window and door refinishing can protect your home from further damage.

Like a window, a wood entry door takes a lot of abuse from the elements. Sun, wind, and rain all cause the finish to deteriorate and wood to crack. Wooden entry doors that are stained require frequent refinishing due to sun exposure, moisture, humidity and inclement weather. A good rule of thumb for how often you need to window and door refinishing depends upon the quality of the original stain and varnish and if the outside door is fully exposed or partially protected from the weather. A front door that shows wood grain is very inviting, but to keep it looking good, you’ll probably need to refresh the finish every year or two.

You can often tell if your door needs refinishing if the varnish is blistered, cracked or peeling. These are the conditions that allow moisture to penetrate the wood. Exposure to water and sunlight can cause wood to discolor and crack. Refinishing your wood door with a high quality stain every one to two years will prevent weather damage and keep your door looking like new. However, if you choose to paint, it might last 5 to 10 years. Paint puts a protective coat around wood. If you want to reduce maintenance, opt for paint.

Call iPaint and Contract, Inc. for professional window and door refinishing on your home and turn back time on that faded exterior.

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