Mold and Mildew Removal


iPaint and Contract, Inc. | Glen Cove, New York

The telltale signs of exterior house mold and mildew include fuzzy or powdery spots, usually brown, black or green in color, or less commonly in a range of purplish reds. Direct sunlight dries moisture, stopping mildew and weather damage in its tracks, so exterior house mold is most often found on the side of your home that receives the least sun exposure. For most homeowners, this means the northern side. If you see dark spots on an area of your home’s exterior that is more exposed to moisture than to light, you have probably discovered mold.

Mold and mildew can be an early warning sign of a moisture problem inside walls or ceilings that could cause an expensive problem like wood rot. Avoid the temptation to just wipe the mold and mildew away and forget about it. iPaint and Contract, Inc. will both find and stop the water source, repair the damaged areas and refinish the surfaces to look like new.

When mold and mildew appears in drywall, it is usually due to some type of moisture source. It can be a plumbing or roofing leak, holes in the siding, air duct condensation, or improper attic ventilation. Wet basements and vented, moldy crawl spaces can all be sources of moisture that, if not dealt with, will cause the mold & mildew to come back. Chances are that the insulation and wood behind the moldy drywall are also moldy and need to be removed as well. iPaint and Contract, Inc.can remove and replace your moldy drywall and remove mold and mildew from other services.

Mold and Mildew removal is not only good for your home but it is good for you too. Due to the health risks associated with mold exposure, it is best to have mold remediation conducted as soon as possible. Though the type of reaction depends upon the mold present, according to both the EPA and CDC all molds have the potential to cause health issues.

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