House & Deck Staining


iPaint and Contract, Inc. | Glen Cove, New York

[dropcaps]R[/dropcaps]efreshing the finish on decks, fences, and siding tops the to-do list because without renewed protection against Mother Nature, wood will start to decay. In a one-two punch, sunlight breaks down the lignin that holds wood fibers together, leaving a gray surface that can’t hold a finish. Then water gets in, rotting boards and shingles and, worse, potentially compromising the structures that lie beneath them. iPaint and Contract, Inc. professional painter’s can protect your home and keep it looking beautiful for seasons to come.

Whether white or red, cedar and other hardwoods have a beautiful color that many homeowners find attractive. However, there are instances when staining the wood is called for, primarily for aesthetic reasons. But do keep in mind that staining does not only serve aesthetic purposes. Staining also helps protect and preserve the siding from molds, mildew, excess moisture, and other external factors to help keep your home looking attractive. A good house stain not only beautifies your home’s exterior, it preserves and protects exterior wood from nature’s harshest elements.

A deck is great decorative and functional space where families gather for barbecues, birthday parties and loads of other fun activities. Taking care of your deck will extend how much use you can get from it. A water test is the easiest way to ensure that the wood can absorb sealer or finish. Sprinkle water on the deck. If it soaks in immediately, the deck should be sealed. If it’s not time for staining yet it should still be cleaned. UV rays penetrate wood, which causes graying. Apply a brightener and cleaner to restore the wood’s natural beauty. Deck cleaners help remove dirt, nail stains, algae and mildew. Power washing and staining can add years to an already highly useful area. A good deck should be maintained yearly to insure it’s longevity.

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